My name is Lizzie, I'm 10 years old and in the 4th grade.
I like origami and drawing, and littlest pet shop. I love Hello Kitty too.
I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My little sister Becca gets her finger poked sometimes to make sure her sugar level is ok. My mommy has some friends whose kids are sick with diabetes, and I wanted to do something to help, so my mommy and I came up with the Cranes 4 a Cure. I want to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. My sister is lucky, she doesn't have diabetes, but a lot of kids do, and it isn't fair. Anyone can get juvenile diabetes, you don't have to have a family history. I think they need to find a cure fast so the kids who have it can be needle free, I don't like needles.

So I guess you want to know what Cranes 4 a Cure is.
It is said that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. Sometimes relatives or friends fold the cranes for someone who has an illness in hopes for recovery or a long life.

My goal is to raise $1,000.00. For every dollar I raise, I am going to make an origami crane and put the name of the person who sent me that dollar on the wing. Then I am going to string all the cranes together and give it to the juvenile diabetes foundation with all the money I raise. Then my wish will be to find a cure. Please help me help those kids with this bad disease. My mommy says she will take a picture of every crane I make and post it here for everyone to see. For more information, please email my mommy, her name is Jenny. A dollar isn't a lot, but it can make a difference. I hope to get some pictures of kids you can help soon.
Thank you.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cranes 103 - 106 meet Giulia

Cranes 103 and 104 are Natalia and Giulia. Giulia is my mommy's friends little girl. She has diabetes.

Cranes 105 and 106 are Divina and Diego.
My mommy and Giulia's mommy are friends. Her little boy and Morris are the same age. When her mommy sends pictures, I put them in a photo album my mommy gave me. I still have all of them. When my mommy showed me Giulia in the hospital, that's when I realized why my mommy and daddy check Becca. Diabetes isn't fun. Diabetes can kill you if it's diagnosed too late, or make you really sick. Like it did Giulia.

This is Giulia in the PICU when she was first diagnosed. Her mommy said she could hardly walk.

This is Giulia now. She was supposed to be in Cinderella the night she got diagnosed, but wasn't able to. She finally got to be in it. She is really good at dancing.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cranes 99-102

Cranes 99 and 100 are Harry K and Mrs.Roll (Karleen) she is the art teacher.

Cranes 101 and 102 are Tawnya and Amanda. Thanks everyone.
I know it says I have only raised raised $383.00 on the side, but I wanted to let everyone know I've actually raised $493.00 so far. I'm so close to halfway. My daddy asked what I was going to do once I reached my goal, I told him I want to keep helping. I got some pictures of kids that this money will help. It's for them the cure needs to be found. I'm going to start posting them tomorrow.
Thank you for helping me get this far.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cranes 94-98

Cranes 94-98...Cheyenne is holding Roxy and Drew, Bean is holding Mary, and I'm holding Jerimiah and Liz. Thank you everyone.
I'm working on updating my graphs again, hopefully I will have the updated ones on here soon.

Thank you everyone who watched my interview last night, and if you missed it, you can still watch it here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

WEAR ABC 3 :: Angels in Our Midst - Angels in our Midst (Making Cranes for a Cure)

WEAR ABC 3 :: Angels in Our Midst - Angels in our Midst (Making Cranes for a Cure)

The link to Lizzie's interview and news clip!

Cranes 91-93

Cranes 91 - 93 are Cathy (she has diabetes) Laurie and Billy. Thank you.
My interview was tonight on the news. It was so weird seeing myself on t.v., but if it gets it out there that we need a cure, I'll be weird looking anytime.
Tomorrow my friend Cheyenne is coming over to spend the night, we always have so much fun.

This is what I spent my weekend doing. My daddy took us to a cabin after school got out on Thursday. We went fishing. We had smores. I went on a sailboat, it was a lot of fun. We even hiked and saw Indian mounds. Last week I also got a new necklace. It's a skate with the word BEST on it. My friend Caity sent it to me. I miss her a lot. She said she might move back here, I hope she does. She's got another skate with the word FRIEND on it.

This is Allison, Becca and me on top of the treehouse we helped my daddy make bigger. My daddy says we can go back this summer and make it even bigger. I can't wait!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cranes 87-90

Cranes 87-88 are John and Diego

Cranes 89 and 90 are Mary and Dona.

This is Lizzie's mom (Jenny). I want to apologize for lack of posts from Lizzie this past week. We've had the flu run through every kid...Lizzie included. Everyone is well again thankfully, but it was one heck of a week.
I wanted to thank each one of you for helping Lizzie get this far. Phillip (her dad) and I are very proud of her. For those of you local, make sure you check out Angels In Our Midst, Monday evening on channel 3. For those of you who aren't, I will keep you informed on when the link will go live and you can see the news clip from when Lizzie was interviewed at her school.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cranes 84-86

Cranes 84, 85 and 86 are Mrs. Daniels...she comes to my class every week with her dog and we read stories to her. Mrs. Vicki, she's the media specialist and Drew, he's one of the boys in my class. Thank you.
I'm sorry I was not on last week. Mommy and daddy got really sick with food poisoning. After 3 days they were better. Thursday night I got sick, I felt good enough to go to school Friday, but mommy wanted to make sure so I stayed home and missed the read-a-thon. That made me sad.
But today was a good day! I went to Church with my friend Cheyenne. We had a lot of fun and I learned a lot about a different religion. Then her daddy took us to subway for lunch. Then we walked around the mall and went to where she lives and went swimming. I like swimming and can't wait to go back. Oh and I lost another tooth. Now I'm missing both front teeth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cranes 81-83

Cranes 80-83 are Giulia, Natalia, and Georgie. Giulia has diabetes, you can read some of what she has to do every day here. Thank you.

And I have some big news. Each bar graph stands for $100.00
Look how many graphs I have! I have raised $206.00 for Juvenile Diabetes Research so far.
Today I also got notice that I was one of eight 3rd graders at my school chosen to participate in the county wide Sunshine Math Competition at the University in May. It was a good day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cranes 78-80

Cranes 78-80 are Verdon, Dona and Brian (Bean is holding Brian's). Dona has really helped me out a lot in case you are wondering why there are so many cranes for her. Thanks all of you.
Today was the first day of FCat testing, we were supposed to go to bed early, but Morris isn't letting us. He is loud. Friday we are having a read-a-thon and our teacher is getting us pizza. I can't wait!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cranes 75-77

Cranes 75 and 76 are Vic and Marty. Vic has diabetes too. Another person who needs a cure. Thank you both.

Crane 77 is Kristin. Thank you.
My friend left at 3, or close to there, I can't remember. Her daddy says I get to spend the night next weekend. Today we played barbies and I showed her how to do some origami. Then we put on our bathing suits and had a water balloon fight with Morris and Bean. When we ran out of balloons, we used the hose. Then we had popsicles. It was so much fun! Oh and we watched Hocus Pocus.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cranes 71-74

Cranes 71 and 72 are Velda and Delores. Cranes 73 and 74 are Mitch and Peggy.
My friend Cheyenne is holding them. She is spending the night tonight. Today we walked to the store with my mommy, Emily, Allison, Bean and Morris. My mommy let us get some snacks. It was hot though. Then we came home and she ordered pizza. My daddy gets back tomorrow and I can't wait. He is camping with Jack and the boy scouts.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cranes 68-70 and how much I've raised so far.

Cranes 68, 69 and 70 are Joey, Gabe and William. Thanks so much.
I also wanted to thank Mrs. Divina for sending me that cool paper you see in the picture.

This is the update to how much I've raised so far. My 1st $100.00 is still on the side, but I've updated the second one to show how close I am to my 2nd $100.00. I wish my chip in could show how much I've raised so far. Thank you everyone who has donated. Remember even a dollar can help find a cure.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cranes 64 -67

Cranes 64 and 65 are Tony and Mary.

Crane 66 is Velda (she wanted a purple one) and 67 is me.
Today the news people came to school. It was a lot of fun. My whole class was able to sit in the library as long as they were quiet. The news lady said they were the best audience. I was happy to hear that because her compliment made 20 compliments our class got and now we get to have a read-a-thon next Friday after FCAT testing.

This is me and Becca with Sue Straughn the news lady. Mommy says she will let everyone know when it airs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cranes 61 - 63

Cranes 61, 62 and 63. Thank you Divina, Dona and Papa Jon.
I'm sorry I haven't posted since last week. Thursday we got report cards, I got the A -B honor roll. Friday we went to services and didn't get home until late. Saturday my mommy and daddy had a wedding to go to and yesterday we had Sunday school and then my aunt and uncle from Gainesville visited with my cousin. We went out to dinner and the park. It was a lot of fun, we are going to write to each other now.